About the Cinema, „Climax”, and Russia – Everything You Must Know about Odesa International Film Festival
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9th Odesa International Film Festival 2018 opens today and it will be held till July 21st.

Georgian actress Ia Shugliashvili is invited as an International Competition Program Jury member. As for the National Competition Program Jury, it will include Levan Koguashvili. Odesa International Film Festival has several competition programs: International Competition Program, National competition program, including feature and short films and European Documentary Competition.

This year, the screenings of multiple interesting European films will be held at the festival. Climax by Gaspar Noé, very well responded at Cannes, tells the story of the 90s, a chaos, as the director himself calls it. The film is about 20 dancers who join together for a three-day rehearsal in the building inside the forest. Then they decide to make a party and get drunk with sangria. "I've always been fascinated by the situations where chaos and anarchy suddenly spread, whether street brawls, psychotropically enhanced shamanistic sessions, or parties at which the revelers lose control collectively under the influence of excessive alcohol. My greatest pleasures lies in having prepared nothing in advance, allowing situations to happen in front of me, as in a documentary." - says Noé.

Gus van Sant's ‘Don't Worry, He won't Get Far on Foot' tells the story of wheelchair-bound 21 year-old John (Joaquin Phoenix) who's got to find the sense of life again.
This year, there will be held the retrospective of old Ukrainian films where Years of Youth (1958) by Oleksii Mishuryn, Accordion by Ihor Savchenko and other important pieces of Ukrainian cinema will be presented.

The country in focus of the Odessa Film Festival is Israel. In the frame of the program, the audience will see the best pictures of the latest times.

Besides, interesting program will be offered in film industry office. Among with the master classes, round tables and panel discussions, there will be held a conference with the topic - Cinema: Backstage - Gender Equality - Myth and Reality, which, as some other events of the industry office, will be moderated by Georgian Representative to Eurimages Tamara Tatishvili.

In the workshop of works in progress, presenting Ukrainian co-productions, Zaza Urushadze (Anton) and Zaza Buadze (Chervonyi. Without the front line) with participate.
Odesa Film Festival hosts for the second time already a program "Behind the Scenes" which unites female cinematographers of Ukrainian cinema. Besides the 11 film screenings, there will be held an exhibition offering the audience the series of video interviews with female directors, cinematographers, scriptwriters, costume designers and producers. The faces of the project are: Inna Bychenkova, Svitlana Zinovieva, Kira Muratova etc.

Last year, at Odessa and Cottbus Film Festivals, with the support of The Federal Foreign Office of Germany, there was held a panel discussion where 6 countries of the eastern partnership took part in: Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Ukraine and Belorussia. The representatives of these countries' film festivals talked about the ability of the film festival to make a dialogue about the socially important, sometimes tabooed topics with the films presented and what kind of influence does the political, social and economic situation makes on the festival life. Our festival program coordinator Ana Chkonia took part in this panel discussion. This year, the meeting will continue with one more member country - Russia. The network meeting attended by the presented festival organizers will open with the topic: "The role of film festivals in civil society values and politics." Discussion guests, including Ana Chkonia, invited from our festival, will talk about the censorship and the influence of the Russian market in former and current countries of CIS.

As known, Russian film market still holds the exclusive right to screen and sell the films in above mentioned countries. Limited intercultural dialogue between these countries is a reason of many problems, misunderstandings and boundaries.

The special news is the workshop for cinema journalists and bloggers from these countries, who will attend the meetings for the media coverage of the topics discussed.



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