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Festival in Media
Section: Short Film Competition
Country: Russia 
Year: 2012
Dom tsia
26 min, colour

Director: Ruslan Magomadov Screenplay: Ruslan Magomadov Cinematography: Evgenyi Savenkov, Ruslan Magomadov Editing: Ruslan Magomadov Producer: Ruslan Magomadov Cast: Evgenyi Martinov

This film, based on real-life events, tells the story of a man who stays behind in the devastated city of Grozny during the Chechen war. He is lonely and he has nowhere to go; his house is all that he has left to him.

Ruslan Magomadov



Ruslan Magomadov

Born in 1983 in Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg), North Caucasus, Russia. In 2002-2006 studied at the Demidov Academy of Arts in Yekaterinburg. Since 2010 Ruslan Magomadov studies at the Moscow Higher Courses for Directors and Scriptwriters. His short HOME won the Special Prize at the 22. Cottbus Film Festival and the main prize for the Best Short Film at the Eighth Kazan International Muslim Film Festival.



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