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Festival in Media
Section: Georgian Panorama
Country: Georgia 
Year: 2012


78 min,color

Director: Alexandre Koridze Screenplay: Alexandre Koridze Cinematography: Sandro Darakhvelidze, Levan Pataraia Music: Zurgi, Kung Fu Junkie, Landmark, Stia, TeTe, Svansikh, Pornopoezia, Catch the clouds Production Design: Teimuraz Kartlelishvili Editing: Davit Meparishvili Sound: Vano Gvaradze, Sophio Kuzmenko-Gagua, George Gvarjaladze Producer: Alexandre Koridze Cast: Nato Kakhidze, Nato Philia, Giorgi Giorganashvili, Lika Labadze, Nino Gogua, Eka Amirejibi, Lana Manjgaladze

F5 is a musical, consisting of eight short stories. Eight because there are eight popular Georgian music bands taking part in the film and each short story is dedicated to one of them. The film is both documentary and feature. The documentary part is the one where each music band is presented before the beginning of a short story. The feature part is the short story itself. Each short story is played out on the verge of the real and illusory worlds. F5 is the first case in the Georgian cinema history, of a film which is a combination of three cinema genres: feature, documentary and a musical.

Alexandre Koridze

Born in 1979 in Moscow, Russia. Graduated from the Institute of Radio and TV in Tbilisi. Author and director of more than 30 documentaries. From 2006 till 2011 worked at major Russian TV channels (1 Channel, RTR, REN TV and others) as a director. Since 2012 workes in Tbilisi. "F5" is his first feature-length film.



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