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Country: Germany 
Year: 2016


Fritz Lang

b/w/104 minutes

Director: Gordian Maugg Screenplay: Gordian Maugg, Alexander Häusser Cinematography:Lutz Reitemeier Editing: Florentine Bruck-Ramisch Music: Tobias Wagner Cast: Heino Ferch, Samuel Finzi, Johanna Gastdorf, Michael Mendl, Thomas Thieme

Fritz Lang. He was regarded a genius, an egocentric sex maniac and a sadist. Violence and love became subjects that would not let go of Fritz Lang for the rest of his life. In Vienna, as the son of a violent father, under whom his much-loved Jewish mother suffered. As a soldier in Galicia, where he experienced the horrors of the First World War. And finally as a young director in Berlin, accused of murdering his own wife. Fritz Lang researches the "Evil" in all of us and in 

Production:  Belle Epoque Films, Gordian Maugg Filmproduktion GmbH


Gordian Maugg

Born 1966 in Heidelberg, is a german screenplay writer, film director and producer. He studied film at The Academy of Fine Arts in Kassel and at Konrad-Wolf Academy for Film and Television, Potsdam. His very successful motion picture triology THE OLYMPIC SUMMER (1993), HANS WARNS – MY 20TH CENTURY (2000) and ZEPPELIN! (2005) were presented at more than 94 international film festivals and won two Major German Film Prizes (Silver 1993, Gold 2000) and 22 international awards such as the Tokyo Bronze Prize. FRITZ LANG is Mauggs fourth and latest cinema motion picture.



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