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Section: Country in Focus: Poland
Country: Poland 
Year: 2013



4 min, color

Director Tomek Ducki Screenplay omek Ducki Animation Tomek Ducki Editing Tomek Ducki Music Jean-Marc Petsas

Two elderly swimmers meet at the baths for their ritual swimming. This time they are diving deeper than usual. “Baths” is a short film about the dynamics of life based on a dualistic philosophy, constantly oscillating between two extremes: fantasy and reality, life and death, body and consciousness, past and future. 

Studio Miniatur Filmowych
World sales:
Krakow Film Foundation


Tomek Ducki


Tomek Ducki studied and worked in Hungary, France, Ireland and UK, but finally ended up in Poland. His main fields are animated shorts, music videos, posters, and so on. His most known short, “Life Line” was awarded more than twenty times, including a Cartoon d’or nomination.



2007 Life line

2013 Baths