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Section: Country in Focus: Poland
Country: Poland 
Year: 2014


Druciane Oprawki

14 min, color

Director Bartosz Kędzierski Screenplay Bartosz Kędzierski Cinematography Krzysztof Opieka Editing Bartosz Kędzierski Music Piotr Dziubek

An ageing couple Aniela and Konstanty lead a quiet life together. She gives herself over to knitting while he eagerly works on some invention. Although their everyday life seems extremely well-organized there is something deeply lacking. The change, brought about by this particular invention will help them discover a totally different perspective. This puppet animation by Bartosz Kędzierski is a moving story of loneliness, longing and human attachment.

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Krakow Film Foundation


Bartosz Kędzierski


Bartosz Kędzierski was born in 1976 in Wrocław. He is a Polish screenwriter and director. He studied Film Directing at the Radio and Tv Faculty of University of Silesia. He gained some recognition in Poland thanks to his animated series „Lordz of Flys”. The huge success of the series allowed him to produce a feature version of it. Kędzierski has also created other animated series: „1000 bad deeds”, „Parapet” and „Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” which were broadcasted by many TV channels. He also works as a film director in the advertising market.



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