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Festival in Media
Section: International Competition
Country: Poland 
Year: 2016



71 min, color

Director Grzegorz Zariczny Screenplay Grzegorz Zariczny Cinematography Weronika Bilska Editing Bartek Pietras Cast Anna Kęsek, Katarzyna Kopeć, Tomasz Schimscheiner, Beata Schimscheiner, Edyta Torhan, Jolanta Olszewska, Artur Krajewski

For Ania and Kasia adulthood is just around the corner. They're in training with a hairstylist and their future seems bright. Kasia is perhaps more skillful than Ania, who can't get the hang of doing perms; but the latter also suffers from a lack of understanding at home, although neither has very harmonious relations with her parents. The small hair salon in the Kraków suburb of Nowa Huta and the deserted prefab housing complex where it's located bear witness to seemingly mundane yet fundamental moments that occur between a carefree childhood and the complication and compromise of being an adult. The impression of authenticity, reminiscent of the films of the Czechoslovak New Wave, is only strengthened by the fact that the two likably headstrong girls in the imaginative story were portrayed by charismatic nonprofessional actors and actual future hairstylists.

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Grzegorz Zariczny

Grzegorz Zariczny was born in Poland in 1983. Grzegorz grew up on a farm in a small village in the suburbs of Cracow and still resides there today. Grzegorz attended a documentary course at Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing in 2008. He also studied directing at the Krzystof Kieślowski Radio and Television Department at the Silesia University in Katowice. For a while Grzegorz was a folk dancer and also a soccer referee which partly inspired him to film ‘The Whistle’ which received international acclaim. In January 2013, it received the Best Documentary Award at the Sundance Film Festival, and won awards at festivals in Lithuania (Vilnus International Film Festival), Slovakia (Febiofest), Ukraine (Molodist), Spain (Documenta Madrid), and Great Britain (Open City Docs Fest). In November 2013, it has won the top prize at the Basque festival ZINEBI in Bilbao, Spain.





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