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Festival in Media
Section: Georgian Panorama
Country: Germany /Georgia
Year: 2015


Me ar gadavkvete sazghvari, sazghvarma gadamkveta me

72 min, color

Director Toma Chagelishvili Cinematography Kakhaber Mshvidobadze Editing Anna Lamazashvili, Noe Tsanava Cast Malkhaz Vanishvili, David Vanishvili, Valya Vanishvili, Gocha Makishvili

After the Russo-Georgian war in 2008, the villagers of Khurvaleti learned they are living on the border of the newly established (but internationally unrecognised) South Ossetia. Life went on - until Russia decided to put up a wire fence along the border. Neighbours and families were suddenly separated. This documentary traces how the locals come to terms with the situation. They avoid the Russian patrols and climb through the fence to help during the harvest or to trade goods. Instead of eating at home, they have picnics on the border. They want to live as before, but it is unclear whether that will ever happen.

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Toma Chagelishvili


Born in 1972. Graduated from  Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University. Since 2000 works for broadcasting company RUSTAVI 2. Chagelishvili is an author and director of more than 30 TV documentaries about XX century’s history  of Georgia. In 2010 in collaboration with INTERNEWS foundation, he directed documentary series NEIGHBOURS OF EUROPE. In 2010 he founded documentary production company T-STUDIO.



2016 I Didn't Cross the Border: The Border Crossed Me