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Festival in Media
Section: Georgian Panorama
Country: Georgia 
Year: 2016


seriozuli kaci

16 min, color

Director Khatuna Khundadze Screenplay Khatuna Khundadze Cinematography Davit Gujabidze Editing Salome Sagaradze Music Manana Khundadze-Lehmann Cast Zura Ingorokva, Merab Kokochashvili, Nana Khuriti, Meri Rukhadze-Khundadze, Murman Khundadze Producer: Khatuna Khundadze Produktionsfirma: SERI Post Produktion: Levan Khukhashvili Vakho Kuncev-Gabashvili

16 minute film describes a life of 40 years old official living with his parents and cannot or is not left out of their control. The film is developing as if there are constant calls from wife or loving lady, but at the end of the film we found that these are the calls of his aged parents.


Khatuna Khundadze


Khatuna Khundadze,is a Georgian film director from Tbilisi. Having finished her studies in Medicine (specializing as a pediatrician), Khatuna change course and continued her studies in cultural studies in Germany, at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art. She graduated from Stuttgart with a Master of Arts, in sculpture. Khatuna Khundadze continued her studies at the Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film State University, in the Faculty of Film Directing, and graduated with honors with a Master of Arts. She continued her studies at the same university in pursuit of a PhD. Currently, Khatuna holds the position of Deputy Director of the Center of Georgian Film Development at the film studio Georgian Film, and works as a scenographer for both film and theatre, and is writing a script for a feature film.






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