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Festival in Media
Section: Bios Politikos
Country: Brazil /France
Year: 2016


Era o Hotel Cambridge

99 min, color

Director Eliane Caffé Screenplay Eliane Caffé, Inês Figueiró, Luis Alberto de Abreu Cinematography Bruno Risas Editing Márcio Hashimoto Soares Music Lucia Pulido Cast José Dumont, Suely Franco, Paulo Américo

The Cambridge Squatter shows us the unusual situation of the Brazilian homeless and refugees who squat together in an abandoned building in downtown Sao Paulo. The daily tension caused by the threat of eviction reveals the dramas, the joys and the different points of view of the squatters.

Tu Vas Voir, Nephilim Producciones, Aurora Filmes [BR]
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Eliane Caffé

Eliane Caffé made, in 1988, her first feature, KENÔMA, which achieved international recognition and was screened at numerous festivals all over the world. Her next films, THE STORYTELLERS (2003) and THE MIDDAY SUN (2009), followed the same path.




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