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Festival in Media
Section: Georgian Panorama
Country: Georgia 
Year: 2016



63 min, color

Director Nino Gogua Producer Natia Guliashvili Cinematography Nino Gogua, Sandro Khutsishvili Editing Levan Butkhuzi, Nino Gogua

8 years after the conflict in Georgia, Georgian inhabitants of the Russian-occupied territory are still living in temporary camps, waiting to return home. Their dwellings are cookie-cutter houses. They brought only the few items that they managed to grab from their homes when fleeing from the occupation army. Equally austere, almost as empty as their provisional housing, they live their lives at the mercy of waiting for what is to come. In this meditative documentary, real relics of their past lives, everyday things brought from their original homes, are the most tangible manifestations of the irreversibility of time as measured by losses.



Nino Gogua


Nino Gogua graduated from Tbilisi State University with a Bachelor’s degree in TV-Radio journalism. At the moment, Nino is taking MA course “Doc Nomads” by Erasmus Mundus.



2016 - The things

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