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Festival in Media
Section: Georgian Panorama
Country: Georgia 
Year: 2016


mousmine sichumes

80 min, color

Director Mariam Chachia ScreenPlay Mariam Chachia Cinematography Hugues Landry, Nik Voigt, Tibo Motte Editing Celine Kelepikis Music Nika Machaidze

To Have a dream is very natural and easy for each one of us, but, to follow it, when no one else believes in it, is the fate of only a few. 9-year-old Luka dreams to step onto the stage and dance because this is the only way for him to take his place in the big world. The only world he knows is the public school for hearing-impaired children where he studies and lives. Even though it's very difficult for him to understand and learn the rhythm of the music, he never gives up. The film ‘Listen to The Silence' observes Luka's life in the hidden world of this hearing-impaired society. This is a story of a young boy's dream to be heard.


Mariam Chachia


She graduated from Georgian State University Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film - Drama faculty in 2003 with honors where she studied Theatre Directing and Acting. After some years working in the Theater, Mariam jumped to the film industry where she began making adverts, promo videos and short TV films.  In 2012 she decided to make documentary films. Her first personal documentary film, a co-production with French Production house Ardeche Image Production was Kirov Street #8. In  2014 she founed the oragization OpyoDoc which builds Projects For Social Change. The film “Listen To The Silence” is the first product of OpyoDoc. Abastumani is Mariam’s second feature film which she is co-producing and co-directing with documentary filmmaker Nik Voigt.



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