Meeting at the Refrigerator
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Festival in Media
Section: Georgian Panorama
Country: Georgia 
Year: 2016


Meeting at the Refrigerator

color/4 minutes

Director: Khatuna Khundadze. Screenplay: Khatuna Khundadze, Based on Facebook Post by Nana Zardiashvili. Cinematographer: Davit Gujabidze. Editing: Salome Sagaradze. Music: Manana Khundadze-Lehmann. Cast: Darejan Kharshiladze, Lili Khuriti, Erekle Kukhianidze.

4 minutes black humor bringing to surprising cold and dramatic story to us. Based on the story the action of the film was moved to the supermarket diary product fridge in order to add more coldness and drama to the story and to feel cold physically. The film is made in cold, blue-grayish colors as much as possible.

Khatuna Khundadze.Ketevan Janelidze
Thomas Bruns, Spectrapost, Ana Inasaridze

Khatuna Khundadze

Khatuna Khundadze,is a Georgian film director from Tbilisi. Khatuna Khundadze studied at the Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film State University, in the Faculty of Film Directing, and graduated with honors with a Master of Arts. She continued her studies at the same university in pursuit of a PhD.





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