Totkhmeti kristalis teoria (Fourteen Crystals Theory)
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Festival in Media
Section: Georgian Animated Films
Country: Georgia 
Year: 2015


Totkhmeti kristalis teoria (Fourteen Crystals Theory)

color/2 minutes

Original idea, Production design, Animation: George Maskharashvili. Cinematographer, Color Correction: Omar Gelashvili Music: George Maskharashvili

This is an animated film, which is based on the adventure novel «Fourteen Crystals Theory», written by the director himself.

Post Production:
Irakli Gabunia

Giorgi Maskharashvili

Giorgi Maskharashvili was born on January 2, 1977 in Tbilisi, Georgia. In 2004 graduated from Georgian State University of Theatrical and Film Arts.








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