The Square
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Festival in Media
Section: ARTS
Country: Sweden /Germany /France /Denmark
Year: 2017


The Square

color/142 minutes

Director: Ruben Östlund. Screenplay: Ruben Östlund. Cinematographer: Fredrik Wenzel. Editing: Ruben Östlund, Jacob Secher Schulsinger. Cast: Claes Bang, Elisabeth Moss, Dominic West, Terry Notary, Christopher Laessø, Marina Schiptjenko, Elijandro Edouard, Daniel Hallberg, Martin Sööder.

Christian is the respected curator of a contemporary art museum, a divorced but devoted father of two who drives an electric car and supports good causes. His next show is "The Square", an installation which invites passersby to altruism, reminding them of their role as responsible fellow human beings. But sometimes, it is difficult to live up to your own ideals: Christian's foolish response to the theft of his phone drags him into shameful situations.

Plattform Produktion, Arte France Cinéma
World Sales:
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Ruben Östlund

Ruben Östlund was born in 1974 in Styrsö, a small island on the West Coast of Sweden. Ruben has become well known for his humorous and accurate portrayal of human social behaviour, as well as for his renowned used of Photoshop and other forms of image-processing software in his films.







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