Tbilisi from Dawn till Dusk
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Festival in Media
Section: Special Screening
Country: Poland /Georgia
Year: 2013



Tbilisi from Dawn till Dusk

40 minutes

The film was made by film students of Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgian State University and Caucasus School of Journalism and Media Management (GIPA) under artistic supervision of Pawel Loziński, Rafał Listopad and Wojciech Staroń as a part of the documentary project “The World from Dawn till Dusk” by Mirosław Dembiński and Maciej J. Drygas.

 Following students participated in the project: Vakho Jajanidze, Nika Okitashvili, Lasha Kapanadze, Mariam Pirtskhalava, Keti Kipiani, Eliso Gakharia, Ina Nersesyan, Levan Dzadzamia, Ivliane Chitidze, Eka Kukhianidze, Tamuna Kldiashvili, Guri Pasikashvili, Marta Pruss, Adam Suzin, Vakhtang Kotetishvili, Keti Zhvania, Salome Vepkhvadze, Giorgi Tqemaladze, Mikheil Kotetishvili, Tornike Sekhniashvili, Tornike Chachanidze, Bakar Cherkezishvili, Shota Kiladze, Goga Tsikolia, Joanne Gesberg, Anne-Claire Jaulin


About the Project

The World from Dawn till Dusk


Every day on television we see the pictures of the world: wars, earthquakes, political demonstrations, football matches, stock-exchange news, fashion shows. Every important item of the news is being broadcast simultaneously from any place in the world. But is the news the complete truth about our world, or is it just its superficial reflection? Is it possible to get deeper, under the surface of the „headline news”? Isn’t the smile of a salesman at the fishmarket in Beijing, or a thoughtful look of a beggar in the Moscow subway going to tell us more about contemporary world and its condition?

 Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, Tokyo, Beijing, Tbilisi have little in common. They are culturally different, have different languages and history. Each of them has already been described many times. Each of them has its own stereotypes which over the years have created their widely known image.  However, behind those banal images, there is another reality - diverse, multidimensional life. We want to feel the pulse of that life, to find one’s way through the superficial shell and reach the truth about a human being in his deepest, personal experience, both in dramatic and amusing moments. We want to achieve all this through micro-observation of the scraps of life.



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