Everybody’s gone
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Festival in Media
Section: International Competition
Country: Russia / Georgia / Czech Republic
Year: 2012
Vse ushli
120 min, colour

Director: Georgiy Paradzhanov Screenplay: Georgiy Paradzhanov Cinematography: Sergei Machilski Production Design: Yuri Grigorovich Costumes: Polina Rudchik Editing: Sergey Ivanov Producer: Ekaterina Filippova, Petr Tikhi Cast: Avtandil Makharadze, Zurab Kipshidze, Natalia Kalyakanova

Childhood memories play on the mind of the central character, Garry. Many years on, he returns to his native town. Everything feels alien and strange. Our hero comes back to recover his memories, the good ones and the bad ones, the pleasant ones and the painful ones. Will the old fortune-teller Nina, a well-known dream gatherer in the city, be able to set an already grownup man free of the chains of the past which had become unbearable by that time? Or will our hero, Garry alleviate her life by discovering his freedom?

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Georgiy Paradzhanov

Born in 1963 in Tbilisi, Georgia. He was graduated from Georgian Institute of Theatre and Film (1983) and Moscow film institute VGIK (1994). In 2000 his documentary film I’M A SEAGULL participated in the 57th Venice Film Festival. It was awarded the “Golden Medal of the Lumiere brothers” and got into the list of 20 best European documentaries in 2000. His film I DIED IN CHILDHOOD recieved the Special Jury Award at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival and Special mention in the category Best Documenary Film at the Yerevan International Film Festival in 2004. EVERYBODY’S GONE is Paradzhanov’s first full-length feature film.


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