Inventor Man
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Festival in Media
Section: Short Film Competition
Country: Georgia 
Year: 2012

Gamomgonebeli katsi

15 min, colour

Director: Zura Menteshashvili Screenplay: Khatia Khosroshvili Cinematography: Goglik Khaindrava Music: Shete Production Design: Tamta Gligvashvili Editing: Zura Menteshashvili Sound: Zura Menteshashvili, Zaza Chincharauli Producer: Avtandil Gasviani, Goglik Khaindrava, Khatia Khosroshvili Cast: Kakha Bakuradze, Levan Khaindrava, Khvtiso Melashvili, Zaza Chincharauli

The inventor is a short feature film telling the story in a groundbreaking way of the inventor who exists beyond the time and space, without the limits of relocation. The inventor devotes all his time to inventing different existential things important for the development of human being. 

The inventor invents everything the others need. In the end the inventor invents the mountain, the shack on its bottom and peaceful life in it. As the people discover the existence of the inventor, they ask for being invented as well. Thus, the inventor invents all of us. Then he invents the long, endless way and follows it.

Mentesh Production


Zura Menteshashvili

Georgian film director, producer and writer. Born in 1981. In 2000-2004 studied film directing at Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgian State University. He was tech director at entartament TV “Music Box” in 2000-2004, also director in Mentesh Production till now.