"Cinema - Passion and Profession", Series of Master Classes at the Tbilisi International Film Festival
Festival in Media

Aside from screening the world’s most recent and significant art-house works, the festival will traditionally include many important events. In intention of contributing to the development of Georgian film production, the festival arranged a number of very interesting meetings with International industry professionals, conferences and master classes.

This year’s series of master classes will cover every aspect of film production step by step:  from the pre-production basics, to the final stages of editing. Each specific stage will be discussed by  internationally recognized professional. The series of master classes aim to give a clear picture of the transferring process from an Interest to the final product. Thus, the series are entitled as “Cinema – Passion and Profession.


Katriel Shory – From Idea to Poster

Thursday, December 5, Amirani 2, 12:00

Producer, Executive-Director of the Israel Film Fund. Studied at the New York University Film School and returned to Israel in 1973 to join as the Head of Productions of Kastel Films, Jerusalem, at that time the leading production company in Israel. In 1984, he formed his own company BELFILMS LTD and produced over 200 films including Award winning Feature Films, Documentaries, T.V Dramas, and International Co-Productions. In 1999 he accepted the position of the Executive Director of the Israel Film Fund, the main Film Fund in Israel, which supports, and promotes Israeli Feature Films. In this position he authorized the support and the production of more than 190 new Israeli Feature films.

Katriel Schory’s master class, “From Idea to Poster” will discuss filmmaking as a collective art form, the job of the Producer, the position of the Director, dialogue and partnership which should take place throughout the process of producing / making a film.


Uldis Cekulis - Bridging creative docmentary and innovative TV formats

Tuesday, December 3, Amirani 2, 12:00

Uldis Cekulis is a Latvian producer. He created the independent production company VFS FILMS and won the International Trailblazer prize at MIPDOC in Cannes, which recognizes the best documentary makers. He has worked on more than forty-five documentaries both as a producer and sometimes also as a cameraman. Many of them such as DreamLand (2004), Theodore (2006), Three Men and a Fish Pond (2008) have travelled around the world and Ramin (2011) was selected from Lithuania to compete for best foreign-language Oscar. Co-produced documentaries with Estonian, Lithuanian, Russian, German, Italian, French, Greek, Icelandic, Finnish and Georgian production companies. Member of European Documentary Network (EDN) since 1998. Currently he is working on seven documentary film projects, which are at different stages of production, including four co-productions.

Targeting the audience of young documentary filmmakers and producers, Cekulis will share his experience of filmmaking and describe the working process within the innovative formats.

Master class is organized within the frames of the 14th Tbilisi International Film Festival, by SACDOC film which is the part of CAUCADOC project.




Michel Hoffman – A Master Class for Scriptwriters

Wednesday, December 4, Amirani 2, 13:30

An American film director and a script writer Michael Hoffman is a head of international Jury at the 14th Tbilisi International Film Festival. Hoffman is an internationally known filmmaker. His films always present the performance of ultra popular actors and actresses, be it the Art-house or Hollywood stars (PROMISED LAND (1987) starring Meg Ryan and Kiefer Sutherland, RESTORATION, , which also starred Meg Ryan, Polly Walker, Robert Downey Junior and Hugh Grant, ONE FINE DAY (1996) with George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer, followed in 1998 by William Shakespeare’s A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM starring Pfeiffer again along with Kevin Kline, Sam Rockwell and Rupert Everett.  Hoffman’s 2009 work, “The Last Station” will be screened at the closing gala of the 14th Tbilisi International Film Festival. 

Michael Hoffman will conduct a master class for young scriptwriters. The first session will adopt the structure of a workshop and is open for large audience. As for the second session, 3 selected script authors will be consulted by Michael Hoffman himself.




Ulrich Seidl – A master class for film directors

Thursday, December 5, Amirani 2, 16:00

Austrian director, author and a producer. He is the director of numerous award-winning documentaries such as Good News (1990), Animal Love (1995), and Models (1998). Seidl's first fiction feature Dog Days won the Grand Jury Special Prize at the 2001 Venice Film Festival. His Paradise trilogy: Paradise: Love, Paradise: Faith, and Paradise: Hope; made in four years, is an International success. Ulrich Seidl is a key figure of contemporary Austrian Art-House Cinema and the “Director in Focus” of the 14th Tbilisi International Film Festival.

Ulrich Seidl will hold a master class for film directors and discuss the general principals of filmmaking, reviewing his “Paradise” trilogy.



Nick Broomfield – Documentary Filmmaking and Working with Nonprofessional Artists

Friday, December 6, Rustaveli 4, 12:00

A British documentary filmmaker, Nick Brooflied is the author of such famous works a”s Biggie and Tupac”, “Kurt and Courtney” and “Battle for Haditha”. He is the recipient of the following awards amongst others: British Academy Award for contribution to the Documentary genre, Sundance first prize, San Sebastian Silver Seashell for Best Director, Prix Italia, Dupont Peabody Award, Grierson Award, Hague Peace Prize, Amnesty International Doen award. Broomfield is known of having a very own idiosyncratic style and investigative, experimental type of filmmaking.

At the 14th  Tbilisi International Film Festival. Nick Broomfield will conduct a master class in Documentary filmmaking and specifics of working with nonprofessional artists.



Andras Nagy – The Reality of Film Set

Wednesday, December 4, Amirani 3, 16:00

The filmography of a Hungarian DOP, Andras Nagy counts around forty documentaries, Television or feature films. He often collaborates with Kornél Mundruczó and Szabolcs Hajdu. Nagy has received numerous national or international prizes for the best cinematographic work.

The master class held by Andras Nagy at the Tbilisi Film Festival will discuss the cooperation of DOP and a film director - the reality of film set.


Production Design:


László Rajk - “City Space as a Vicious Circle - visual design of Bela Tarr's “The Man from London”

Saturday, December 7, Amirani 2, 12:00

László Rajk is a practicing architect, production designer, professor in production desing at the University of Theatre and Film in Budapest, and known also as a former dissident, human rights activist. As an architect and freelance artist became the member of the Hungarian avantgarde movement in the seventies. From 1975 he was a member of the Hungarian Democratic Opposition, in 1981 co-founded the underground AB Publishing House, and ran an illegal bookstore in his apartment called "Samizdat Boutique". In 1988 Rajk was one of the founders of the liberal party, the Alliance of Free Democrats (SZDSZ), and had been an MP for six years after the first free elections in 1990. Since 1972 he has been the production designer of several Hungarian and international film productions, working with i.a. Béla Tarr, Miklós Jancsó, Szabolcs Hajdu, Márta Mészáros, Costa Gavras, Mikael Salamon, John Irwin, Vittorio Storaro.

László Rajk is the member of International Jury at the Tbilisi Film Festival this year. Within the frames of Industrial event series „Cinema – Passion and Proffesion” he will hold a master class for Film Art Directors and Production Designers entitled as „City Space as a Vicious Circle - visual design of Bela Tarr's “The Man from London”


Music for Film and Sound Design:

Eunice Martins - “The Sound of Silents”

Friday, December 6, V. Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire, 15:00

Pianist, composer and sounddesigner. Works for film and performance, collaborations with videoartists, choreographers and writers. Since 1997 performing and composing for silent films. Since 2000 resident pianist for silent films at the Insitute for Film and Videoart/Cinema Arsenal in Berlin. Played at various international festivals and venues: Hong Kong International Film Festival, International Filmfestival Berlin, Il Cinema Ritrovato Bologna, Jornada do Cinema Silencioso Sao Paulo, Istanbul Film Festival, National Theater Taipei, Taiwan, Auditorium du Louvre, Paris, Cinematek Royale Brussels, Bahai Auditorium New Delhi, River South Art Center Shanghai a.o.  She holds workshops and teaches nationally and internationally at various schools and universities. She lives and works in Berlin, Germany. 

Eunice Martins’ master class title is “The Sound of Silents”. The name stands for the sounds of silent films. The meeting will be held for filmmakers, Music Composers and anyone who is interested in Sound Design.


Film Editing:

Robin Campillo – A Master Class in Editing

Sunday, December 8, Amirani 3, 16:00

Moroccan born French screenwriter, editor and film director. Robin Campillo is well known as the co-writer and editor of Laurent Cantet's features L'Emploi du temps (2001), Vers le sud (2005), and Foxfire (2012). He made his directorial debut in 2004 with THEY CAME BACK (Les Revenants). EASTERN BOYS is his second feature which won Orizzonti Award for Best Film at the 2013 Venice Film Festival.


Robin Campillo will conduct a master class in film editing. After discussing his new film, he will review the key aspects of film editing and share his experience with young professionals.

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