Apollo: Cinema Memories
Apollo: Cinema Memories
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Last year, the festival started with a demonstration regarding the historical cinema “Apollo". This 1909 building  still exists in Tbilisi, although it no longer serves its original purpose. “Apollo” is one of the oldest Cinemas in the world, during the teens of 20th century films were not only screened but shot, thus using the movie theatre as a location spot. We, the organizers of the festival strongly believe that it is not only the films that have cultural value, but also those places where the film presentation is happening.

Recent successful screenings of Georgian films abroad confirm that digging into cinematic heritage and rethinking Georgian film history is significant and at the same time necessary endeavor.  With the section “Apollo: Cinema Memories,” the Tbilisi International Film Festival and National Archives of Georgia offers you a hypothetical theatre, whose screening would remind the spectator that the cinema and movie theatre is the space that unites people, unites them in the struggle for the defense of film history. 

This year’s programme offers a small retrospective of the prominent Ukrainian filmmaker Ivan Kavaleridze, as well as two screenings of the films from the collections of the Central Archive of Audio-Visual Documents of the National Archives of Georgia.

Ivan Kavaleridze (1887–1978)

Ukrainian sculptor, film director and screenwriter, Ivan Kavaleridze studied fine art in Kyiv, Saint Petersburg and Paris. His sculptures include over 100 monuments in various cities of Ukraine. In 1928 he became interested in filmmaking. He is the first Ukrainian filmmaker to shoot historical drama and the musical. Starting in silent era, he continued to direct films till early 1960-s. One of his most famous works Prometheus was harshly criticized for formalism and banned from the screens. Later Kavaleridze was accused of collaboration with the Nazis. Today his work is being promoted as an important part of Ukrainian film culture. Tbilisi IFF will screen:


Perekop - Tuesday, 2 December at 12:00 pm, Amirani Cinema hall 2

Prometheus - Wednesday, 3 December at 14:00, Amirani Cinema hall 3

Koliivshchina - Sunday, 7 December at 12:00 pm. Amirani Cinema hall 2

In keeping with this year’s festival topic, one of the National Archive’s screenings is dedicated to environmental problems and ecology. Another one consists of shorts about Tbilisi, where Tbilisi-shot films are put into the context of the city’s changing urban development.

Thursday, December 4 – Short Films from The Treasures of Georgian National Archive – Ecology

Film Magazine “Young Generation”,  June 1951, №6/39    - Summer in Tbilisi - Director: Alexandre Mamulashvili

Ricochet - Guram Zhvania, 1979

Film Magazine “Human and the Law”,  September 1983, №51 - Director: Levan Tsintsadze

Paliastomi Needs Help - Director: Murman Asitashvili,  1984

Film Magazine “Human and the Law ”,  June 1991, №82  - The group of the directors

Film Magazine “Human and the Law ”,  March 1990, №77 - The group of the directors

Friday,  December 5 – Short Films from The Trasures of Georgian National Archive – Tbilisi

Tbilisi  - Director: Irakli Kandelaki, 1939

Tbilisi   - Director: Lana Ghoghoberidze, 1958

10 minutes around USSR – Tbilisi - Director: Irakli Asatiani, 1968


The imaginary cinema “Apollo” wishes you a pleasant screening!







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