The Criminal Man – The Premiere of Dimitri Mamulia’s Film was Held at Venice Film Festival
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On September 5, Dimitri Mamulia's film Criminal Man was screened at Venice Film Festival in the competition section Horizons. To cut a long story short, The Criminal Man - that's a story about the man, who works in the mine and one day he accidentally witnesses the murder of famous footballer.

"I wanted the material to be Georgian, without anything exotic" - mentioned Mamulia in one of his interviews. Although the film is Georgian-Russian co-production, it's completely shot in Georgia. The idea to make a film based on Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment was transformed in The Criminal Man.

In his film, Mamulia starts talking about murder and seeking this phenomenon with an unexpected figure. He's not a murderer nor a victim, he's a witness. The young man, who witnesses the kill, doesn't go to the police. He starts to investigate himself, which became some kind emotional connection, addiction or obsession while seeing the murder. He follows the process of investigation, he watches the news program reports about it, he contacts the family of the dead, he even attends the funeral. He often goes to the crime site, keeps an eye on the widow and the child of the dead. The noir genre film of Mamulia's is a detective thriller, where the protagonist becomes so tangled in solving the task or puzzle that at the end, he goes off all the limits - and he understands that if he wants to find the one he's looking for, he has to learn to act like one. He has to learn to kill.

When talking about this film, film critic Anton Dolin remembers the works of Alexander Mindadze and compares the film to the ones of Nuri Bilge. He underlines the brilliant work of operators (Alisher Khamokhodzhaev and Anton Gromov). He says that after seeing this unusually speechless characters, the viewer is free to endow for anonymous heroes with biographies and come up with motives by themselves. The hero is split between two worlds - the infernal plant, where he works and the deserted landscape, both idyllic and ominous. "Denying the social and political dimension, avoiding psychological explanations and observing pure phenomena - whether it be an engineer with a gun, a flock of sheep or a wild bird - the director offers a glimpse into the abyss, allowing her to look into you. Not a new, but invariably fascinating attraction."

The Criminal Man is made with the support of National Film Center. The producer of the film is Suliko Tsulukize, Screenwriters: Dimitri Mamulia and Archil Kikodze. In the leading roles, starring: Giorgi Petriashvili, Natalia Jugheli and Madona Chachkhiani.




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