A kivégzés (The Execution)
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Festival in Media
Section: Country In Focus - Hungary
Country: Hungary /Romania
Year: 2014


A kivégzés (The Execution)

color/14 minutes

Director: Petra Szőcs. Screenplay: Gergő Nagy, Petra Szőcs. Cinematography: Eszter Csepeli. Editor: László Dunai, Dániel Szalai. Cast: Katalin Moldován, Zalán Ilyés, Tamás Fosztó, András Dancsuly, Liliana Derevici, Hilda Péter, Áron Dimény.

1990, Romania. Three children reenact Ceausescu's execution. Who will be the victim?

Katapult Film

Petra Szöcs

Petra Szöcs born in Cluj, Romania, now living in Budapest, studied German Studies at ELTE University and screenwriting at the Hungarian Academy of Drama and Film (Budapest). Her shorts have participated Hungarian Film Week, Trieste Film Festival and the Transylvanian International Film Festival (TIFF). She prefers to work with amateur actors. She is also a poet.







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