Le Concours (The Graduation)
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Festival in Media
Section: ARTS
Country: France 
Year: 2016


Le Concours (The Graduation)

color/115 minutes

Director: Claire Simon. Screenplay: Claire Simon. Cinematography: Claire Simon, Aurélien Py, Pierre-Hubert Martin, Prisca Bourgoin. Editing: Luc Forveille, Léa Masson. Cast: Alain Bergala, Xanaë Bove, Emmanuel Chaumet, Claire Childeric, Michaël Dacheux, Joël Danet.

Through the admission process, the hard work all year and the graduation exams, THE GRADUATION establishes a portrait of our relationship to excellency in Art, showing how a profession choses his inheritors. But every jury doubts and questions itself.. In a place of culture where generations intermingle what bases the choice of professionals who admit the young people to enter this prestigious school?

Andolfi, Mouvement, Ciné+
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Claire Simon

Born in London Caire Simon is a French scriptwriter, actress, cinematographer, editor and director. An atypical talent in the French movie world, Claire Simon has been trying for more than two decades to this day - ceaselessly and successfully - to capture the essence of reality working on both sides and directing ¬action feature fi¬lms as well documentaries selected in major festivals around the world.


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