Rekvijem za gospodju J. (Requiem for Mrs. J.) (Repeat)
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Festival in Media
Section: Forum of European Cinema
Country: Serbia 
Year: 2017


Rekvijem za gospodju J. (Requiem for Mrs. J.)

color/94 minutes

Director: Bojan Vuletić. Screenplay: Bojan Vuletić. Cinematographer: Jelena Stanković. Editing: Vladimir Pavlovski. Cast: Mirjana Karanović, Jovana Gavrilović, Danica Nedeljković, Mirjana Banjac, Vučić Perović.

Mrs. J., a former administrative clerk, decides to complete all her obligations: wash a sink full of dishes, go to the store, dig up an old family pistol. She is determined to kill herself with that gun on the anniversary of her husband's death. She is prepared to finish all private and administrative works so that she may commit suicide in the way she wants. But to start doing all that she needs just one thing - a certificate about her employment over the past 20 years.

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Bojan Vuletić

Born in Belgrade in 1977. M.A. in Film and TV directing from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. His first feature film "Practical Guide to Belgrade with Singing and Crying" premiered at Karlovy Vary Film Festival. It won several national and international awards.






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