Last Days of Louis XIV
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Festival in Media
Section: French Collection
Country: France /Spain/Portugal
Year: 2016


La Mort de Louis XIV

color/105 minutes

 Director: Albert Serra Screenplay: Albert Serra, Thierry Lounas Cinematography:Jonathan Ricquebourg Editing: Ariadna Ribas, Albert Serra, Artur Tort Cast: Jean-Pierre Léaud, Patrick d'Assumçao, Irène Silvagni, Bernard Belin, Marc Susini

The story gets under way when Louis XIV gets an agonising pain in his leg upon his return from a hunt. A fortnight later, he is bedridden in Versailles. This is the start of the long, drawn-out death throes of France’s greatest king, who must also organise his successor as he is surrounded by his faithful followers: his doctor, his favourite Marquise of Maintenon, his surgeon and his top manservant.

Production: Capricci Films, Andergraun Films, Rosa Filmes, Bobi Lux



Albert Serra

Born in Spain in 1975. Graduated in Spanish literature and comparative literature at the University of Barcelona, where he also studied art history. Besides writing, directing and producing films Albert Serra writes and produces plays. In 2001 he founded Andergraun Films.








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