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Festival in Media
Section: Baltic Countries
Country: Latvia Estonia, Poland
Year: 2015


96 minutes/Black&white



The film is based on the story of Pavel Morozov, a young pioneer of the Soviet regime who was assassinated after giving his parents over to the authorities. On the basis of this tale, which was probably invented, Morozov became a martyr for the Soviet regime and an example of loyalty. In Pakalnina’s film, Morozov becomes Janis, a little boy who sees his father as an enemy of the agricultural cooperative, Dawn. When Janis denounces his father, the father wants his revenge…


Director: Laila Pakalnina

Screenplay: Laila Pakalnina

Cinematographer: Wojciech Staroń

Producer: Laila Pakalnina, Kaspar Kallas, Malgorzata Staron



Vilis Daudzins, Antons Grauds, Andris Keiss, Liena Smukste, Wiktor Zborowski



Hargla Company - Kompanija Hargla, Digital Sputnik, Staron Films

World sales:

Hargla Company




Laila Pakalnina

Director, scriptwriter and producer, Laila Pakalnina is one of the best-known Latvian filmmakers on the international scene. She has directed 5 feature-films, 26 documentaries and 5 shorts and has won numerous awards at international film festivals. The Latvian film director has twice been nominated for a European Film Academy Award – for the documentary Dreamland (2004), and for the short Fire (2008).



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