The Bar
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Festival in Media
Section: Georgian Panoram
Country: Georgia Czech Republic, Switzerland
Year: 2018

The Bar

19 minutes/b&w


Director: David Japaridze

Screenplay: David Japaridze

Cinematographer:Prokop Soucek

Editing:Levan Kukhashvili, David Japaridze



George Shengelaya, Curt Matthew, Adriana Hercigonja, Jake Zahradnik , Jared Dvorak, Logan Hillier, Marko Pejatovic, Giorgi Chalaganidze, Vazha Lomashvili, Sandro Tavartkiladze, Tamaz Chokhonelidze



Next Cut Productions



Once people come in the bar, they see themselves who they really are. Different personalities with different stories interlock in four stories stimulated by ego, trust, vengeance, protest and alcohol



David Japaridze

After graduating from the University of New York in Prague (Business Administration) David Japaridze decided to study and take classes in both universities Prague Film School and

Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU). His first film Roulette was shot on a very-low budget, but he got admitted in film festivals. 



2016 Roulette

2018 The Bar

2018 The Proposal