Security Guard
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Festival in Media
Section: Georgian Panoram
Country: Georgia 
Year: 2018

Security Guard

25 minutes/color


Director: Giga Khaindrava

Screenplay: Giga Khaindrava

Cinematographer: Shalva Sokurashvili

Editor: Shalva Sokurashvili, Nodar Nozadze

Costume design: Dato Chkoidze

Sound design: Nika Paniashvili

Producer: Nodar Nozadze, Suliko Tsulukidze, Lasha Khalvashi



Giga Khaindrava, Sandro Gabilaia, Giorgi Topuria, Gocha Topuria, Davit Khaindrava,

Temur Putkaradze, Leka Pasuri



Pansionati, Kompromisi, Millimeter Film



Khaburzania and Koridze are serving their mandatory military service by guarding an abandoned factory which was sold recently, they are ordered not to let anyone inside. Despite the harsh conditions, guys are having fun, they're joking on walkie-talkie with the officer, Koridze even manages to sneak out for a date. It seems like an ordinary shift until some workers arrive at the fence, they desperately want to get inside and finish work they've started before.



Giga Khaindrava

Giga Khaindrava was born in 1987. From 2005 till 2009 he studied directing at Tbilisi State University, under the workshop of MerabKokochashvili. 2011-2012 he worked as a scriptwriter at advertising agency “Metro”. In 2012 he started working on his first film after university, “Security Guard”, a film about a young man who is serving his mandatory military service as a security guard. Giga Khaindrava tragically died while shooting the film.



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