Mack the Knife – Brecht's Threepenny Film
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Festival in Media
Section: Literature and cinema
Country: Germany 
Year: 2018

Mack the Knife – Brecht's Threepenny Film

130 minutes/color


Director: Joachim Lang

Screenplay: Joachim Lang

Cinematographer: David Slama

Editing: Alexander Dittner

Costume design: Lucia Faust

Music: Walter Mair

Producer: Till Derenbach, Michael Souvignier



Peri Baumeister, Lars Eidinger, Hannah Herzsprung, Tobias Moretti, Claudia Michelsen, Robert Stadlober, Meike Droste, Godehard Giese, Truus de Boer, Joachim Król



SWR – Südwestrundfunk, Velvet Films, Zeitsprung Productions

World sales:

Global Screen GmbH




Bertolt Brecht's "The Threepenny Opera" becomes a phenomenal success. The film industry picks up the scent and seeks to make the master direct a film version of his "play with music". Brecht though refuses to play by their rules. While the studio wants to censor the "filth" and tuck at the heart strings to cash in on the success, the author wants to make nothing less than a completely new kind of film. A socialist critique on capitalism, staged as a conflict between Mack the Knife, a London gangster, and Peachum, the head of the beggars' mafia. And Brecht does not bow down. 




Joachim Lang

Joachim Lang was born in 1959 and is aGerman author, film director and documentaryfilmmaker. He has also staged plays invarious theaters and was artistic director forthe Brecht Festivals. His award-winning filmsinclude: It Was A Very Good Time, ToThink Is To Change, The Revue OfGermany, The Art Of Living, George, andMack The Knife – Brecht’s ThreepennyFilm.



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