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Festival in Media
Section: International Competition
Country: Bulgaria 
Year: 2018


96 minutes/color


Director: Nadejda Koseva

Screenplay: Nadejda Koseva, Svetoslav Ovcharov, Bojan Vuletić

Cinematographer: Kiril Prodanov

Editing: Nina Altaparmakova

Costume design: Victor Andreev

Music: Petar Dundakov

Producer: Stefan Kitanov



Martina Apostolova, Hristo Ushev, Irini Jambonas, Kasiel Noah Asher, Alexander Kossev, Krassimir Dokov, Ivan Savov



Art Fest

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Alpha Violet



Irina has been working as a part-time waitress, but she is fired. On the same unlucky day, her husband gets into a serious accident. He becomes a cripple and can no longer earn a living. To take care of her disabled husband, her child and herself, the woman embraces a seemingly simple solution: becoming a surrogate mother. This turns out to be incredibly hard.


Nadejda Koseva

Born in 1974 in Sofia, Bulgaria. After graduating from the Bulgarian National Film and Television Academy, Nadejda Koseva directed the short fiction novel The Ritual, part of the onmibus film Lost And Found which premiered at FORUM Berlin IFF 2005. Nadejda Koseva’s next short fiction film Omelette won a Special mention at Sundance Film Festival 2009 among other awards worldwide.



2002 Sadbata na Veronika (Documentary short)

2008 Omelette (Short)

2011 Take Two (Short)

2018 Irina