I, George Balanchine
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Festival in Media
Section: Georgian Panoram
Country: Georgia 
Year: 2018

I, George Balanchine

43 minutes/b&w


Director: Nanuka Kiknadze

Screenplay: Nanuka Kiknadze

Cinematographer: Gogi Toradze, Ilia Vachnadze

Sound Engineer: Giorgi Gelashvili

Sound Operator: Giorgi Babalashvili and Davit Pavlenishvili

Editing: Nanuka Kiknadze

Computer Graphics: Nikala Babalashvili

Executive Producer: Tamar Gvetadze

Producer: Manana Shevardnadze

I, George Balanchine is a film portraying the life story of a choreographer who became a legend in his own lifetime. He was known as Giorgi Balanchivadze in Saint Petersburg, turning into George Balanchine in Paris, and then emerging as Mr. B in New York, the city of the shortest abbreviations… Balanchine’s life stories are enriched by visuals depicting choreographies staged by him and photos, a combination that paints a clear picture of this greatest figure in the world of ballet of the 20th century.



Nanuka Kiknadze


Nanuka Kiknadze was born in 1984 in Tbilisi. She graduated from Georgian

Technical University in 2005. She is awarded with the Bachelor’s Degree

in Public Administration. She began to work in 2009 year at Advertising

and Film production studio “Neostudio”. She worked as an Assistant of

Director and Producer in various ads until 2014 year.