In the Aisles
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Festival in Media
Section: Made in Germany
Country: Germany Austria
Year: 2018

In the Aisles

125 minutes/color



Christian is new to the superstore. He mutely plunges into this unknown universe: the endless aisles, the eternal order of the warehouses, the surreal mechanisms of the forklift trucks. His colleague Bruno from the drinks department takes him under his wing, showing him all the tricks of the trade and soon becomes a fatherly friend. Marion from the confectionary department likes to have a bit of a laugh and a joke with Christian. When he falls in love with her, the entire warehouse is rooting for him. But Marion is married.


Director: Thomas Stuber

Screenplay: Thomas Stuber, Clemens Meyer

Cinematographer: Peter Matjasko

Editing: Kaya Inan

Costume design: Juliane Maier, Christian Röhrs

Producer: Jochen Laube, Fabian Maubach



Sandra Hüller, Peter Kurth, Franz Rogowski, Henning Peker, Ramona Kunze-Libnow, Andreas Leupold, Michael Specht, Sascha Nathan, Robert Carlo Ceder




Departures Film GmbH, Sommerhaus Filmproduktion, Rotor Film

World sales:

Beta Cinema



Thomas Stuber

Thomas Stuber was born in Leipzig in 1981. He received a number of awards for his short film “We're fine” (2006) and for “Teenage Angst” (2008). His graduating film “Of Dogs and Horses” (2011) won the Student Oscar as well as the German Short Film Award.




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