Poisoned with Dust
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Festival in Media
Section: Georgian Panoram
Country: Georgia 
Year: 2018

Poisoned with Dust

Georgia 2018



Director: Tamar Bartaia, Giorgi Bartaia

Screenplay:Tamar Bartaia,

Cinematographer: Giorgi Bartaia

Editing:Giorgi Bartaia


Producer: Jana Sardlishvili






At a glance, the main characters of the film are usual peasants: they hoe and dig the ground; they are busy with animal husbandry and grow crops. But the feature which makes them different from other villagers is their great love to theatre. In winter and summer, in snow and rain, every day they gather in a damaged building, have rehearsals and stage some new performances. The stage is the main driving force in their life, as long ago they’ve been poisoned with the dust of theatre.  



Tamar Bartaia

She was born in 1959, in Tbilisi. She is a scriptwriter, director and doctor of arts of science. More than 20 feature, documentary and animated films have been filmed by her script. The plays are staged in London, New York, Edinburgh, Russia, Ukraine, and Lithuania. In 2017 she was awarded with the best screenwriter prize at the Holywood International Documantary Film Festival. She has shot 7 documentary films.



2001 The Busiest People

2001 Life is born

2011 Refugees

2012 Reliably and Together

2012 Journalists for Democratic Elections

2015 Georgian Chanting in Rome

2018 Poisoned with Dust



Giorgi Bartaia

He was born in 1991, in Tbilisi. He graduated from Shota Rustaveli Theater and Film University of Georgia, faculty of filmmaking. In 2014 he shot one feature and four documentary films. In 2012 he was a winner in the nomination for Best Student Film in Synop, Turkey. In 2011 he was a winner in a screenwriters contest “Europe is My Home”.



2012 Women’s Information Center (Documentary)

2014 Short Beard (Short)

2016 Opening the Curtains (Documentary)

2018 Poisoned with Dust