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Festival in Media
Section: Georgian Panoram
Country: Georgia 
Year: 2017


52 minutes/color


Director: Nika Tsiklauri

Screenplay: Helen Bradburry, Nika Tsiklauri

Cinematographer: Nika Tsiklauri, Giorgi Vatsadze

Editing: Elene Asatiani         

Music: Arshia Samsaminia

Producer: Helen Bradburry, Nika Tsiklauri



Jara is a year-round travel into the wilderness of Adjara forest and life of nearby villages. Beauty and hardness of pristine nature, human impact, coexistence with nature, conflict with predators, hard labor of honey bees – all of it seen from the perspective of inhabitants of the jara (a traditional Georgian hive) that is placed out there in the middle of a forest. Film features local beekeepers, their traditions and daily work, herdsmen and bears, pictures of country life, all of it on the backdrop of amazing landscapes of Adjarian Mountains. The quest for survival and prosperity of both humans and animals builds the dramatic arch of the film. Stylistically film is created in form of a fairy tale.



Nika (Nikoloz) Tsiklauri

Nika (Nikoloz) Tsiklauri, born 1979, Tbilisi. Graduated from TSU, BS of physics. Worked in fields of: software development, graphic design, photography, fiction and documentary film, and eco-tourism. Passionate about wildlife photography, bird watching, hiking, bouldering, archery, progressive music. In 2012 Founded EcoFilms Ltd and produced documentaries



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