Children from the Hotel America
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Festival in Media
Section: Baltic Countries
Country: Lithuenia 
Year: 1991

Children from the Hotel America

90 minutes/color, Black&white



The film revolves around the lives of teenagers in Soviet Lithuania. The protagonists of the film are fans of rock'n'roll music which is banned in the USSR and are interested in the hippie movement, secretly listening to the Luxembourg radio. They all live in a house which was formerly a hotel, called "America". Events of Kaunas' spring affect them as they are involved. After their attempt to send a letter to the Luxembourg radio, teenagers would become suspects to the KGB


Director: Raimundas Banionis

Screenplay: Maciejus Drygas

Cinematographer: Jonas Tomaševičius

Music: Faustas Latenas



Augustas Šavelis, Gabija Jaraminaitė, Jūratė Onaitytė, Jurga Kasčiukaitė, Gediminas Karka, Linas Paugis, Rolandas Kazlas, Giedrius Čaikauskas, Arūnas Sakalauskas, Gražina Balandytė



Lithuanian Film Studio

World Sales:

Lithuanian Film Centre




Raimundas Banionis

Raimundas Banionis was born in 1957 in Panevezys, Lithuania, the son of Donatas and Ona Banionis. In 1980, he graduated from Moscow Film School Vgik, where he studied film directing in Lev Kulidhanov’s and Tatjana Liosnova’s master class. From 1980, Raimundas worked as a film director in the Lithuanian State Film Studio and in 1991 he joined the private film company “Litnek”, where he is directing and producing feature films, documentaris, TV programmes and commercials.



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