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The 18th Tbilisi International Film Festival winners:

International Competition winners are:

Golden Prometheus for the Best Picture - "Ravens" by Jens Assur (Sweden 2017).

Silver Prometheus for the Best Directing - "The Charmer" by Milad Alami (Denmark/Sweden/France 2017).

International competition jury gave special mention to the following films:

"Scary Mother" by Ana Urushadze (Georgia, Estonia, 2017)
"Scaffolding" by Matan Yair (Israel 2017).


National Competition:

Best Georgian Fiction Film - "Scary Mother" by Ana Urushadze (Georgia, Estonia, 2017)
Best Georgian Documentary Film - "City Of Sun" by Rati Oneli (Georgia/Netherlands/Qatar/United States of America, 2017)
Best Georgian Short Film - "Ana" by Margo Zubashvili (Georgia, 2017)
Jury Special Mention - "Fishing" by Tornike Bziava (Georgia/France, 2017).


The 17th Tbilisi International Film Festival winners:

Golden Prometheus for the best film - ''House of Others'', Rusudan Glurjidze

Silver Prometheus for the best directing - ''Land of the Little People'', Yaniv Berman

National Competition:

Best Feature Film - ''Months, as a One Day'', Rezo Esadze
Best Documentary - ''Life is Be'', Vakhtang Kuntsev-Gabashvili
Special Mention: ''The Dazzling Light of Sunset", Salomé Jashi
Best Short Film - ''Lost Village'', Giorgi Todria
•Special Mention: "A.D. 2015", Khatuna Khundadze


The 16th Tbilisi International Film Festival's jury revealed it's favourites! Here is the full list:

Golden Prometheus for the besti film - Motherland (Senem Tüzen)

Silver Prometheus for the best director - Jonas Caprignano (Mediterranea)


National Competition:

Best motion picture - Solomon (Zaza Khalvashi)

Best documentary - When the earth seems to be light (Salome Machaidze, Tamuna Karumidze, David Meskhi)

Best short filmWake man (Tornike Bziava)


Honorary Prometheus for the contribution to the world cinemaHarutyun Khachatryan and Lana Ghoghoberidze

 "The Jury of the International Competition of the 15th TIFF, chaired by Marco Müller and consisting of Severija Janusauskaite, Nana Ekvitimishvili, Reza Mirkarimi and Peter Webber, wishes to congratulate the TIFF for the importance it gave in the competition selection to a variety of new and orginal voices.  

The Jury has appreciated all the competition films and reached a verdict although non-unanimous. 

The Silver Prometheus - Best Directing - Juris Kursietis ("Modris") 

Statement: For his sad, poethic and powerful debut and exelent casting of a leading role.

Paradjanov Prize established by "Art and Intercultural Dialogue Fund" - "The Tribe" by Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy

Statement: For the outstanding camera work, for the esthetic of the motion picture and reflexion of a brutal world and for letting us feel the characters through the camera.

Golden Prometheus - "The Tribe" by Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy

Statement: This audacious film is all the more remarkable in that it weaves a dark fable about the dangers of authoritarianism and corruption without the use of either dialogue or sub titles. A film that is one of a kind. Dazzlingly executed and shot in long complex takes, it is an unforgettable cinematic experience and a major contribution to a universal language of anxiety. This debut feature is definitely one of the outstanding discoveries of this year." 


International Competition:

Golden Prometheus - Disorder
Archil Kavtaradze

Silver Prometheus - The Particle
Erdem Tepegöz

Parajanov Prize Medeas
Andrea Pallaoro

Special Mention:
The Gambler - Oona Mekas
September - Kora Karvouni

The Best Georgian Film:
In Bloom
Nana Ekvtimishvili, Simon Groß

Special Mention:

F5 - Aleksandre Koridze 
Project NATELI - Giorgi Chalauri, Thoma Begiashvili
Garden with Bullets - Irakli Chkhikvadze


International Competition

Golden Prometheus Loving
Sławomir Fabicki, Poland, 2012 

Silver Prometheus Everybody's Gone
Georgiy Paradzhanov, Russia-Georgia-Czech Republic, 2012 

Special Mention Children of Sarajevo
Aida Begic, Bosnia-Herzegovina-Germany-France-Turkey, 2012 

Special Mention Keep Smiling
Rusudan Chkonia, Georgia-France-Luxemburg, 2012 

Short Film Competition

Parajanov Prize Watermelon
Tato Kotetishvili, Poland / Georgia, 2012 

Special Mention Black Mulberry
Gabriel Razmadze, Georgia / France, 2012 

Georgian Panorama

The Best Georgian Film The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear 
Tinatin Gurchiani, Georgia, 2012 

Special Mention Beacon of Democracy
Goga Khaindrava, Georgia, 2012 

Special Mention From Monday to Monday
Vakhtang Jajanidze, Georgia, 2012 

Special Mention Inventor Man
Zura Menteshashvili, Georia, 2012 


The International Competition did not take place

Prize of the Bank of Georgia for the best Georgian film Will There Be a Theatre Up There?!
Ilgar Safat, Azerbaijan-Georgia, 2010

Golden Prometheus Susa
Rusudan Pirveli, Georgia, 2010

Silver Prometheus Ordinary People
Vladimir Perisic, France-Switzerland-Serbia-The Netherland, 2009

Parajanov Jury Prize Mother Teresa of Cats
Pawel Sala, Poland, 2010

Prize of EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia Skin
Antony Fabian, UK-South Africa, 2008

Prize of Shota Rustaveli University of Theatre and Film The Precinct
Ilgar Safat, Azerbaijan-Georgia, 2010

Prize of "Sanguko" studio Unknown Soldier
Giga Liklikadze, Georgia, 2009


The International Competition did not take place

Prize of EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia Border
Harutyun Khachatryan, Armenia-Netherlands, 2009


Golden Prometheus Love and Other Crimes
Stefan Arsenijevic, Germany-Serbia-Austria-Slovenia, 2008

Silver Prometheus Autumn
Özcan Alper, Turkey-Germany, 2008

Golden Prometheus Tricks
Andrzej Jakimowski, Poland, 2007

Silver Prometheus Simple Things
Andrzej Jakimowski, Poland, 2007

FIPRESCI Jury Prize My Father My Lord
David Volach, Israel, 2007

Parajanov Jury Prize Tricks
Andrzej Jakimowski, Poland, 2007


Golden Prometheus Tough Enough
Detlev Buck, Germany, 2006

Silver Prometheus Fallen
Fred Kelemen, Latvia-Germany, 2005

FIPRESCI Jury Prize Leon and Olvido
Xavier Bermúdez, Spain, 2004

Parajanov Jury Prize Fallen
Fred Kelemen, Latvia-Germany, 2005

Prize of Videoscope Company A Message to Georgians
Tamar Shavgulidze, Georgia, 2005


Golden Prometheus Turtles Can Fly
Bahman Ghobadi, Iran-France-Iraq, 2004

Silver Prometheus Tzameti
Gela Babluani, France-Georgia, 2004

FIPRESCI Jury Prize A Trip to Karabakh
Levan TuTberidze, Georgia, 2005

Parajanov Jury Prize The Sleeping Child
Yasmine Kassari, Belgium-Morocco, 2004

Golden Prometheus Crimson Gold
Jafar Panahi, Iran, 2004

Silver Prometheus Hush, Hush , Baby!
Albert ter Heerdt, Netherlands, 2003

Parajanov Jury Prize Meidan – The Navel of the World
Dato Janelidze, Georgia, 2004

Golden Prometheus Schussangst
Dito Tsintsadze, Germany, 2003

Silver Prometheus Edi
Piotr Trzaskalski, Poland, 2002
The International Competition did not take place


Golden Prometheus I Know I'll See Your Face Again
Alex Stockmann, Belgium, 2001

Silver Prometheus Mondialito
Nicolas Wadimoff, Switzerland, 1999

Prize of Georgian Film Professionals 101 Reykjavik
Baltasar Kormakur, Iceland-Danmark-Norway-France, 2000

Prize of Young Georgian Artists  Tuvalu
Veit Helmer, Germany, 1999

Golden Prometheus Luna Papa
Bakhtiar Khudoinazarov, Austria-Germany-Russia-Switzerland-France, 1999

Silver Prometheus Lost Killers
Dito Tsintsadze, Germany, 2000

Special Prize for the Best Debute The Guest
Alessandro Colizzi, Italy, 1998

Prize for the Best Screenplay The Third Page (Screenplay – Zeki Demirkubuz)
Zeki Demirkubuz, Turkey, 1999

Prize of "Alia" Newspaper  Smoking Cuban Style
Stephan Wagner, Austria, 1998

Prize of Georgian Film Professionals Uninvited
Carlo Gabriel Nero, USA-Italy, 1997